Hannibal cinematography: time lapse

Time lapse is a technique in which the frequency at which frames are captured is lower than the frequency at which they are viewed, giving the impression of time flying by. Executive Producer David Slade describes the use of time lapse for establishing location shots as a deliberate choice to invoke uncertainty in the audience. Such shots suggest an ambiguity over the passage of time, so that the viewer is unsure how much time has passed between scenes. [x]

The Talking Boat

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  • Саймон: Знаешь, в древнем Египте фараоны заставляли израильтян самих строить рабские кварталы.
  • Кирен: И кто ты у нас - современный Моисей?
  • Саймон: Ну как-то раздвинул воды. Правда только в маленьком болотце. Но знаешь, шаг за шагом.


So here we are!
My In The Flesh Project has already started and here are the first three illustrations I’ve put on my Society6 profile!

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..and look forward to the next one :D

Benedict Cumberbatch attends the DreamWorks Animation presentation during Comic-Con International 2014 in San Diego, California. (x)

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19th July, 1976. 

When I started, I just assumed I couldn’t be called Benedict Cumberbatch… but then, one day, I told someone in the business what I was really called and they said, “That’s great, that’s something you can use to stand out.”.

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Dear Benedict, 

we hope you will have a fantastic day and a fantastic year and please stay the way you are.
Thank you so much,


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